Exploring Concepts


This recipe takes a text which is rich in concepts and uses tools such as Word frequency, Concordance, Co-occurrence and Collocation to explore a specific concept.

  1. Use a List Words tool such as Voyant Corpus Term Frequencies to list the words in a text sorted by frequency.
  2. Choose a concept term that appears in the text;
  3. Use a Concordance tool such as the Voyant Document KWICs to see how the term is used;
  4. Use a Collocation tool such as the Voyant Links to see what words collocate with the original concept term;
  5. Repeat 1 - 3 using collocating terms.
  6. Use a Co-occurence tool such as the TAPoR Co-occurrence Tool to find passages that have pairs of concept terms.
  • Concepts

Concepts are usually discussed in a text using unambiguous vocabulary so search for words associated with a concept will find relevant passages. This recipe shows how you can follow a web of concepts looking at words that co-locate.