Concordance – Plain Text (TAPoRware)

Program Overview 

Concordance (Plain Text) is a free, web-based tool designed to run in a browser window. It is easy to use, designed to locate and contextualize a user-specified word or pattern (in this case, a regular expression) within a document, either hosted at a web address or uploaded from the user's files.

Users may set the context to words, lines, sentences or paragraphs or specify what length of that context to look within (ex: 5 words, 2 paragraphs. Searching a pattern rather than a word requires skill with regular expressions and is thus not accessible to all users.

Other features include an option to generate and include synonyms for the user's chosen word (note that this option slow the tool's processing), and output formats including XML Tree and tab delimited. Most notably, the HTML output option includes a small distribution graph for the search word or pattern.

This tool has only a few problems. When the tab delimited output is selected, the tool may not process some characters correctly; please see List Words (Plain Text) for examples. Concordance (HTML) is best used with prose texts, as poetic structure disrupts the tool's search.

Aside from these few limitations, Concordance (Plain Text) is an effective way see a given word or pattern in context. Versions are also available for HTML and XML documents.

Last Update 
Nov 29, 2011
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