Exploring a Text for Theoretical Foundation


This recipe takes a text and explores its use of theory by using tools such as Word list, Concordance, and Collocation.

  1. Prepare Text;
  2. Log in to TAPoR;
  3. Generate a word list (sorted by frequency) using the Voyant Corpus Term Frequencies;
  4. Save the results to the Databench;
  5. Perform a wildcard search for *ism, and other suffixes suggestive of theory in the frequency list;
  6. Explore the words found individually using Voyant Document KWICs to understand their Context;
  7. Repeat this for all found words;
  8. Use a antonym finding tool such as WORDdetail’s Synonyms and Antonyms to compile a list of words referring to opposing concepts to those previously found;
  9. Look for contrary theoretical references using Voyant Document KWICs for the antonymical references;

This technique involves querying for suffixes that suggest that the subject matter is theoretical in nature. Other suffixes that may prove useful could include: istic, sophy, ism, ist, ize, ise, arian, etc. and Collocation with the word theory itself.