Create Textual Infrastructure using Text Analysis Tools


This recipe uses text analysis tools for Collocation, List Words and Concordance to extract key words and create an index and table of contents from a body of text.

  1. Prepare your electronic text for processing;
  2. Generate a word list (sorted by frequency) using Voyant Corpus Term Frequencies;
  3. Identify keywords for indexing;
  4. Explore keywords using Voyant Document KWICs to clusters of related words;
  5. Group terms of associated relevance as they should appear logically in the index;
  6. Identify collocated words using Voyant Links to determine usage patterns;
  7. Return to your word processing tool such as Microsoft Word and use the generated lists to search for and tag the words for automated creation of index and contents.
  • Text Preparation

You can use tools such TAPoR Extract Text to remove added material.

  • Grouping Words for Index Inclusion
  • How are terms related?
  • Does a concordance help to associate words that should be logically associated - clustering?