Create an Online Interactive Bibliography


This is a recipe for building and maintaining an online bibliography with TAPoR. With a TAPoR account you can manage a bibliography that links to online articles, essays, web sites and so on. The bibliography will have only your "public" items visible and will organize them by your subject tags. It will allow others to link to the items or to analyze them using TAPoR accessible tools.

  • An collection of online papers and pages you want to include in your bibliography
  • An account on the Text Analysis Portal For Research (TAPoR Portal)
  1. Get a TAPoR account. Go to the TAPoR Portal and click the "Sign Up for Account Here" button. Fill out the form and you will be sent confirmation by e-mail.
  2. Log In to your account on the TAPoR Portal by entering your Username and Password in the upper-left hand corner;
  3. Add TAPoRize Bookmark to your Favorites bar of your browser. To do this go to the myTexts page of your account. Click on theHelp button in the upper-left and then drag the TAPoRize link to your Favorites bar. 
  4. Add texts to your account. Using the TAPoRize Bookmark, or directly in the myTexts area of you account, you can add texts to your myText Library. This myText Library is what you will publish to share your bibliography.
  5. Edit your library in the myText page of your TAPoR account. Any item that you added can be edited or deleted. You can make texts public or keep them private (only public texts will be visible to others in your myLinks bibliogrphy.) You can add Tags or subject keywords to organize the items. You can view the texts and enter advanced bibliographic information.
  6. View your TAPoR myLinks page where all your public texts are visible for others organized by tags. In the myTexts page you can click the "My Links" button to edit and view your account bibliography. Only "public" texts will be visible organized by tags.
  7. Analyze a Text from your myLinks. Every text to which your myLinks bibliography links can be analyzed directly from the myLinks page. Click on the Analyze Text link next to the item you want to analyze and TAPoR will open a three-part window where you can call analytical tools on the page in question. This make the bibliography interactive in a way normal lists are not.

The TAPoRize Bookmark allows you to browse the web and quickly add pages to your myTexts Library. When you are looking at a web page that you want to add to your library, choose TAPoRize and you will get a small window that lets you add the text. You may be asked to log in to your account, if you haven't already.