Compare Texts to Verify Authorship


This recipe takes two works purported to come from the same author and uses tools such as distribution, Word Lists, etc. to suggest whether they may have been created by the same author.

  1. Obtain comparison texts from a source such as Project Gutenberg or use ones which you already have. 
  2. Login to the TAPoR portal;
  3. Generate a word list (sorted by frequency) using the TAPoR List Words Tool and save the results to the Databench with a unique name;
  4. Run the TAPoR Pattern Distribution Tool on the text and save the results to the Databench with a unique name;
  5. Repeat these steps on all the comparison texts;
  6. Compare the two results visually for similaritie and differences in word usage and distribution;
  • Finding a Text

Possible sources for electronic texts are listed on the Electronic Texts Panel of TAPoR. When preparing text for analysis, you should be aware that academic infrastructure included in the text may obstruct reading the text for its original construction. It may be useful to remove notes and other materials added by subsequent authors from the original work. You can use tools such TAPoR Extract Text to remove added material.