Analyze Blog Discourse


This recipe uses List Words, Concordance and Collocation tools to explore themes in blog discourse. It is important to keep individual blog entries around the same length to ensure consistent results when analyzing your compiled text.

  1. Collect blog entries on your research topic by searching an online blog search such as Google Blog Search.
  2. Compile individual blog entries into a single text using a text editor.
  3. Use Voyant Corpus Term Frequencies to identify words that stand out, or lead you to consider trends and themes in your collected blog discourse.
  4. Use Voyant Links with various words identified in your list words search to identify themes in your text.
  5. Use Voyant Document KWICs with various words identified in your find collocates search that yielded interesting results.
  6. Read through interesting concordances to consider how authors in your text of blog discourse can help you to think differently about your research question.
  • Finding a Text

The easiest way to collect blog entries is to use Google Blog Search. When choosing which blog entries to include, remain consistent with your search criteria. In other words, keep the size, topic and date range of your search consistent throughout to ensure consistent results.

One way to organize your blog entries is to copy them into a bibliographic database like EndNote. You can then add keywords and metadata with which to sort or select subsets. You can also create styles to export the entries with XML tags for analysis.

Next steps / further information