Aggregate Information from the Web to Explore a Particular Concept


This recipe uses Frequency lists, Concordance and Collocation to efficiently explore information from the web that has been made into an Aggregate text for a particular topic.

  1. Identify your topic;
  2. Use a thesaurus tool such WORDdetail Synonym and Antonym Finder to find related words that may help to identify your topic;
  3. Login to the TAPoR portal;
  4. Input topic keywords into the TAPoR Googlizer to get a list of URLs and associated HTML;
  5. Compile the results into an Aggregate text;
  6. Generate a frequency list from the Aggregate text using Voyant Corpus Term Frequencies to find interesting words for further exploration;
  7. Choose some interesting words from the resulting list;
  8. Use those words one at a time in Voyant Links to explore words that appear together;
  9. Choose some interesting combinations of words from the resulting lists;
  10. Use Voyant Document KWICs to find them in the Aggregate text file or Google them as phrases in quotation marks.
  • Why Login

When using a tool for creating Aggregate texts such as the Googlizer, you must be able to save text to the Databench as part of the process. To make this possible you must be logged into the system to maintain your own personal workspace. If you require access to TAPoR please visit the TAPoR signup page.