Welcome to the Methods Commons

Methodica is a collection of research methods and techniques for analyzing text. Computation has produced new and exciting ways of studying text in the Digital Humanities, and many of these methods do not require the use of expensive programs or detailed programming knowledge. This site describes common or interesting sequences of actions, or recipes, showing users how to combine freely accessible resources to perform various analytic tasks.

NLTK Tutorial Using Python NLTK

This tutorial is going to talk about natural language processing using Python. This tutorial is focus on how to use NLTK to do the text preprocessing such as tokenize text, get synonyms and antonyms, word stemming etc. 


Normalizing Textual Data with Python

This tutorial teaches how to use string methods and regular expression to pre-processing including cleaning up the list, converting to lower case and finding sepcific information. 

Keywords in Context(using n-grams) with Python

This tutorial takes frequency pairs collected in Counting frequencies and outputs them in HTML, which teachs how to select a keyword and toutput all instances of that keyword, along with the words to the left and right of it, making it easy to see at a glance how the keyword is used. 

Visualizing Data with Bokeh and Pandas

This tutorial teaches how to load raw data, sample it and visually explore and present it by using Bokeh and Pandas libraries in python. 

This tutorial covers :

  • how to load tabular CSV data 
  • how to perform basic data manipulation such as aggregating and subsampling raw data 
  • how to visualize quantitative, categorical, and geographic data for web display
  • how to add varying types of interactivity to your visualizations.