Testing Example Theme


This is an example page to test the theme for Recipe Example pages. 

Exercise Steps 
  1. In this example we will use William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and explore the theme of love.
  2. This text is available at MIT.
  3. Use WordNet to generate a list of words related to the theme love.
  4. Submit the term love to WordNet and you should get a list of words similar to:
    love, passion, beloved, adoration, dear, dearest, honey,worship,
     as well as the antonyms hate, hatred, detest. 
  5. You can proceed in two different ways at this point. You can generate a word list and see if there are any matches, or you can start searching for the particular words identified by EVA.
  6. The following is an example for code area:
    def a_bigger(a, b): if a > b and (a - b) >= 2: return True else: return False ## Can all be written as just ## return (a > b and (a - b) >= 2)