This recipe uses Python and the NLTK to explore repeating phrases (ngrams) in a text. An ngram is a repeating phrase, where the 'n' stands for 'number' and the 'gram' stands for the words; e.g. a 'trigram' would be a three word ngram.

This recipe helps you explore how to analyze a text based on its parts of speech (e.g. nouns, adjectives, prepositions, etc.).

This recipe takes two works purported to come from the same author and uses tools such as distribution, Word Lists, etc. to suggest whether they may have been created by the same author.

This recipe uses an Aggregate Text tool, frequency lists, Concordance and Collocation tools to explore how a writer’s use of language changes over a lifetime.

This is a recipe for comparing two different texts, and exploring where they are similar and divergent in terms of words used, word distribution, theme and so on.